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Hazchem placards, TREC cards, warning decals as well as brackets and holders.
A complete vehicle signage service to the dangerous goods transport industry. We have been manufacturing hazchem (vehicle emergency information systems) and related products to the transport and other associated industries since 2002, consistently meeting their quick turn around times as demanded by such a dynamic and time dependent industry. Offering hazchem placards as a sticker or as a signboard on either ABS (plastic) or chromadek (powder coated steel) that slot neatly into our mounting frames to easily display and change your placard as to conform with the relevant laws set out, and more specifically to accommodate transporters changing loads frequently. The same system has been applied to the orange warning diamond that must be displayed on the front of vehicles carrying a dangerous goods load, and as already mentioned have been made addressing the issue of the standard set out by law conforming with size, visibility and the practicality of changing or not displaying when unloaded. Included in our service is the designated space or document holder which holds your TREC documentation, which is also available from us, along with a complete array of safety, warning signs and decals (stickers) to meet all requirements for specific applications. All our products are manufactured in-house, and almost everything is kept in stock, therefore our turnaround time and pricing is kept to an absolute minimum.

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